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Safely convert your legacy PBX to All-IP


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Save by converting your PBX to All-IP

All-IP is the new buzzword of the telecommunication industry. But what are the consequences of replacing ISDN networks with ALL IP networks, especially for owners of classic PBX systems? This white paper will cover the steps you should take when implementing an All-IP solution and provide you with a way to protect your current PBX investment by converting it to All-IP.

VoIP offers many possibilities:
  • Cost savings
  • Higher compatibility
  • More features
  • Faster installation of new workplaces

When migrating to a new VoIP provider the following three challenges need to be considered:

  1. Compatibility with the existing phone system
  2. Capacity of the internet connection
  3. Further use of older devices and special services

This White Paper discusses these challenges and provides possible solutions.